Life Drawing with Roland Brandom

Drawing By Anne Bonner


Life drawing with Roland.  

These classes are run either in the morning starting at 10.00 am until 12.00, then the afternoon starts at 12.30  until 2.30 pm.  Roland is a very experienced artist and holds an informal and friendly class.  Life models are present. 

These courses are run in a 5 week block, which is £35.00.  However if you wish to try out the class you can come along and pay a one off fee of £9.00.

Rolands Life Drawing class run throught the year, phone for details. 

Life Drawing wil be running from January 13th 2018 until middle of July 2018 - then starting up again in September

no materials are provided
Kim Horton
+44 (0)1928 735 832