Knife Painting Workshops - with SARAH MORLEY - 2nd workhop

Knife Painting Workshops - Seascapes - with SARAH MORLEY
Knife Painting Workshops - Seascapes - with SARAH MORLEY
Sat, 11/08/2018 - 10:30am - 3:00pm

Due to the demand for places on the last course Sarah is running a second workshop.

Knife Painting Workshop - Seascapes, Saturday 11th August 10.30 - 3pm.  Sarah will be demonstrating different knife painting techniques with a variety of palette knives. You will then try out a range of knives and techniques to create an 'abstract' piece. Then following a further small demonstration you will create your painting of a seascape in this style.

Please bring:

1. sketch or other image of a favour seascape

2. oil or heavy body acrylic paint and a jam jar.

3.palette knives (if you have them) & some brushes

4.turps (if you have oil paint)

5.two canvases or board to paint on (approx. 30x40cm -A3

6. toilet or kitch roll

7. babywipes for clean up

8. apron/coverall

9. rubbish bag, small bin

10. table easel/equivalent to prop up work.

If you do not have paint, knives or board Sarah can supply these for £5. or £1.00 per board .0
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